Air Conditioning

Air conditioning repairs in Prescot

Is your air conditioning not functioning properly? Are you sweltering in the summer heat because it is pumping out hot air? Why not get air conditioning repairs from Huyton Lane Garage? Our electricians will carry out quick repairs so you can stay cool whilst driving around Prescot.
You’ll benefit from comprehensive testing and you can visit us or make use of our mobile service visiting your location to carry out the repairs.

Quick and efficient air conditioning re-gassing:

Sometimes the problem with your air conditioning can just be down to a lack of gas. Our car electricians can then provide you with re-gassing so you can get back to staying cool whilst driving. Call us on 0151 430 0231 for our air conditioning re-gassing service.

Our air conditioning repairs include:

  • Servicing and testing
  • Air conditioning re-gassing
  • Pressure testing
  • Pipe repairs
  • Electrical fault
  • Condenser replacement

Get in touch today for help with all your air-conditioning problems 0151 430 0231