Whether you’re looking for high performance tyres or budget tyres, Huyton Lane Garage has a large range in stock for you to choose from.

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We have dedicated tyre fitting bay and we offer free tyre balancing to offer you the most complete service. Looking for tyre repairs? Why not come and see us to see if we can repair your tyre for you.

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  • We stock a full range of tyres in our well equipped garage
  • We provide a full service, from supply to wheel balancing
  • Tyre fitting services available while you wait
  • If we don’t have your tyres in stock, we can usually get them for you on the same day
  • Competitive prices

Our knowledgeable and experienced team are on hand to help and advise you, so why not call in today for a free quotation.

The rates of tread wear on your vehicle depends on numerous conditions. Vehicle speed, braking, load, cornering, tyre inflation pressures, acceleration, wheel alignment, road surface, climatic and even geographical conditions. Driving conservatively will help to prolong tyre wear.

Some tyres are so badly damaged that they must be discarded. Tyres that should never be repaired include those with tread or casing separation, tyre fabric damage which would reduce the tubeless air sealon in the tyre, kinked tyres ,broken tyres or exposed tyre bead wires, flex breaks, presence of an internal liquid sealant with any penetration damage through the inner tyre liner, tyre tread depth below 1.6mm, cracks in the tyre which extend into the tyre fabric, open liner splices which show exposed cords, tyre liner and first ply showing evidence of having been run flat, under inflated or overloaded tyres.

It is recommended that repairs should be undertaken only by qualified tyre technicians, because sometimes tyres with apparently minor external damage have actually sustained unseen but serious internal damage

Tyres In Stock

Huyton Lane Garage have a good selection of tyres in stock. We are a certified supplier of Evergreen tyres and can provide advice and guidance on all your tyre requirements.
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